2016 Age Groups & Championships Notices & Announcements

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26  JAN 2016  
LASA have looked unto the discrepancy caused by conflicting statements for the allocation of LASACAT points.  
The Criteria published on Condition 4 of “Conditions of Entry” sent out to all Clubs and published on the website states that  “Age Groups Awards and points, and the Open & Junior Champions will be determined from results from the Finals , and from the Heats on all HDW events”.  
These Conditions were sent to and confirmed for Licencing by the Licencing Officer.  All Swimmer’s fastest times are published on Rankings whether they are swum in the Heats or the Finals.
20 JAN 2016   Session 1-5 Programmes available on the Events page along with Information for Coaches, Team Managers, Spectators and Swimmers
15 JAN 2016   DRAFT ACCEPTED & RESERVE ENTRIES published here
15 JAN 2016   Draft Accepted Swim published shortly

LASA's Age Group & County Championship sub-committee thank you for providing your entries in by the closing date. We have had a good number of entries given that we have had to adopt the changes in age of date to the 31st Dec as laid out by British Swimming last season.   I took all the entries to the LASA meeting this week where the Organising sub-committee discussed this entries.

The good news is that although Sessions 2-13 are tight we have made the decision to make no rejections.  We regret we have needed to reject 1 swimmer for each of the 1500m & 800m Free events - these swimmers have been placed on the reserve list.  In doing so, we are still looking at the timings to alter break times and warmups to ensure we are running a safe and fair Championships.
10 JAN 2016   All Entries from the LASA base clubs have been received on or before Closing Date (10th Jan)

06 DEC 2015


Entry File Available
These are now available and can be found here.  Note:  Qualifying Times are to the 10th of a second i.e. 100ths of a second will not be included when accepting entries, for example, a QT of 3:17.8 will mean that a swimmer with a time of up to 3:17.89 will be accepted and is allowable in the Sportsys Entry File.

Disability Qualifying Times and Entry Forms will be available later this week.

04 OCT 2015


Schedule & Qualification times
These are now available and can be found here.  Further entry information will be posted in due course.