2019 Age Group & County Championship Entries


The LASA Age Groups & County Championships are open to all Leicestershire swimmers who are a member of a Leicestershire ASA affilated Club and that they meet the relevant qualifying time cirteria for the event being entered.  Where the Club is supporting Counties then entries are to be made via the club's Counties/Meet Coordinator, where clubs are not fully supporting or unable to support due to size of club then a manual entry form may be requested by clicking Request a manual entry form or query regarding manual entry.  Any questions or queries rasied before 11th November will be discussed at following LASA committee meeting.

Qualification Consideration Times  (NEW)

Para-Swimming/Disability Qualification Times  ( Male  / Female (NEW)

Conditions of Entry, Schedule, Qualifying Times & Supplementary Information  (NEW)

Para-Swimming/Disability Entry Form  (NEW)

 If you are a Licenced Official and are able to officiate at one or more sessions please find download the officials form
and email to sue.wainscot@elts.me.uk

All entries should be submitted electronically by your BASE CLUB via SportSystems Entry Management System and submitted to entries@leicestershireasa.org by

CLOSING DATE: 13th December 2018

If you are unfamiliar with the SportSystem Entry Manager then download the necessary software by clicking on the link.

SSEntryFileSetGeneric.jpg   SSEntryV2Generic

If you have Masters swimmers who want to use times from the Masters Ranking Database then please use the latest entry file set.

Times will only be accepted from the ASA Rankings

(Note:  a "YES" in the entry time will not be accepted, clubs must check their entries carefully).

Qualifying Times are to the 10th of a second i.e. 100ths of a second will not be included when accepting entries, for example,
a QT of 3:17.9 will mean that a swimmer with a time of up to 3:17.89 will be accepted and is allowable in the Sportsys Entry File

   The Sportsys Entry File has been setup to accepted times quicker than the Consideration Times.  

Accepted and Rejected entries will be determined based on the Conditions of Entry based on the schedule and time availability.

All events can be entered via the Boys/Girls tab within Entry Manager.  

You will need to check you payments and adjust to include the higher cost of the 800/1500m Free events.

  Instructions may be found Here