LASA Mini Meet Series

THE 2017/8 LEICESTERSHIRE Mini Meet Series


Please accepted our apology for moving the dates of Mini Meet Series.  The 1st two dates overlap with Leicestershire Club Open Meets - the closing date will be moving to the 2nd March 2018, with the dates being April, May and June.  Once we have rearranged the pool bookings we will release the new dates.

The Mini Meet series comprises of two time-trials for 9-11 year olds with a FINA point based award system. Swimmers aged 8 may enter only if aged 9 by the final date of the series (xxth June 2018). The series will provide swimmers with results based on the FINA points scoring system.  The aim of the Mini Meets is to provide young Leicestershire swimmers with the ideal environment to gain valuable experience of Open Meets on a small scale and to give the coaches an opportunity to assess their progress.
The Mini Meet Programme
Round 1 & 2 will take place at xxxxxxx Leisure Centre, Round 3 will take place at xxxxxxx Leisure Centre using Electronic timing with scoreboard display. Each meet will be run card less. Swimmers should arrive at least 15 minutes before the warm up. Start time will be around 30mins after advertised warm up time. Events will be 200m Freestyle and 100m Individual Medley.
Closing date Friday 2nd March 2018
Entries will be on a first come first served basis (once the meet is full, any further entries will be rejected) and ages will be calculated as at xxth June 2018
Open to swimmers registered with Leicestershire ASA affiliated Clubs ONLY
Swimmers are encouraged to enter all rounds and are expected to swim BOTH events.
The Mini Meets will be held under ASA laws and ASA Technical Rules and is a CARDLESS event and will be licenced at Level 3.
Events will be swum as mixed age groups and swimmers will be seeded by entry time. Subsequent rounds will have entry times updated from the Mini Meet Series.
Swimmers that are part of the Leicestershire Swimming Talent Pathway are excluded from the competition unless identified as part of their development.
Swimmers of who have qualified for Regional championships the previous or current season are excluded from the competition.
Dates for Rounds are:
Round 1:  April 2018, warmup starts at 5.30pm (3EM171676)
Round 2:  May 2018, warm up starts at 5.30pm (3EM180036)
Round 3:  June 2018, warm up starts at 5.30pm (3EM180037)

Entry Pack   and     Entry Form

Received Entries 

Closing date: Friday 2nd March 2018

All queries should be made via your BASE CLUB's Entry Coordinator who will contact or via Darryl Ryan or Jamie Evans.  If you are a Licenced Official and are able to officiate at one or more sessions please email