LASA Mini Meet Series

THE 2017/8 LEICESTERSHIRE Mini Meet Series

The Mini Meet series comprises of two time-trials for 9-11 year olds with a FINA point based award system. Swimmers aged 8 may enter only if aged 9 by the final date of the series. The series will provide swimmers with results based on the FINA points scoring system.  The aim of the Mini Meets is to provide young Leicestershire swimmers with the ideal environment to gain valuable experience of Open Meets on a small scale and to give the coaches an opportunity to assess their progress.

Dates for Rounds were:
Round 1:  7th April 2018, warmup starts at 5.45pm HINCKLEY (3EM180614)
Round 2:  19th May 2018, warm up starts at 5.45pm HINCKLEY (3EM180036)
Round 3:  9th June 2018, warm up starts at 5.45pm BRAUNSTONE (3EM180037)