Leicester League

The Leicester and District Swimming League was established in 1976 and has 3 league competitions throughout the year:

Winter League - This normally runs January to March  and is for Age  Groups 11/u, 12/13, 14/15 and Open with age as at 31st December.  There are Two Divisions.  
Diddy League - This normally runs April to June and is for Ages Groups 9, 10/u, 11/u and 12/u with age as at 30th June. There is One Division.
Autumn League - This normally runs October to December and is for Age Groups 10/u, 11/12, 13/14 and Open with age as at 31st December. There is One Division.

The League Rules, which apply to the three Leagues, can be found here.

The Conditions of Competition can be found here. 

For the Dates,Tables, Draws and Results for each League click the corresponding link:  Winter,  Diddy,  Autumn

For the Officers and Delegates click here.




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