Documents to support the mandatory Module 6 in the British Swimming (BS) Swimming Technical Officials Licensing Scheme.  
All currently licensed officials will need to have completed this module before they apply to renew their licence.
FINA Technical Swimming Congress and the FINA General Congress meet every 4 years during the Swimming World Championships to consider the prevailing rules of the sport and to consider any changes.  
2017 forms part of the four year cycle and FINA Constitutional Rule C18 states that:  ‘Any alteration or addition to the Technical Rules agreed upon by the Congress shall not become effective earlier than 2 months after the decision has been made – generally accepted to be 60 days’
FINA implementation Date:  19th September 2017
British Swimming implementation Date:  2nd October 2017
2017-2021 FINA_SW_Rules_Update Final

Judges Disqualification Report - Oct 2017 Ver 1

Sept  2017-2021Swimming_Rules_update
Presenter Notes
FINA Interpretation Swimming Rules
Explanatory Memo