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Please find below the Entry Times and the Schedule for the 2024 Leicestershire and Rutland ASA Age groups and Championships. Long Distance events in main schedule too.

We are in discussion with the pool(s) to confirm dates and times. However we can advise the likely dates will be the weekends of 27/28th January and then 3rd/4th and 10th/11th February 2024 with the likely times being 1300 to 2100 on Saturday and either 1200 to 2000 or 1300 to 2100 on the Sunday. The dates and times will be confirmed as soon as the pools are booked.

The entry conditions and other relevant information shall be issued early in September 2023 but please note that whilst LASA has given the 10 year olds separate entry times they will compete in races and for finals in the 10/11 grouping and will only be in a separate age group for the LASACATS competition.

The Entry Times are a direct result of the club feedback we have received, reviewing various times against Regionals and other Local Counties as well as taking into account ranking times of Leicestershire swimmers; are they perfect? No as nothing rarely is, but they do start to address the issues raised. LASA has deliberately called them Entry Times and not Qualifying Times as the Entry Times do not guarantee a swimmer entry into the Age Groups and Championships.

It is important to note LASA will endeavour to retain as many swims as possible but the final number of entries allowed into the Age Groups and Championships will be governed by the number of entries together with pool deck loading numbers and the water time available for warm up and racing as well as the Health and Safety requirements of the event and Leisure Centre.

Please be aware of the Headings:- Male Open (the open refers to gender not age in this instance) and then Female which is a result of Swim England directive/advice which becomes effective from 1st September 2023 addressing gender issues. Any swimmer wishing to reclassify to Open (gender) must address it to Swim England who will make a decision on it and if permission is granted then they will allow change. It should be pointed out that if any swimmer does get permission to transfer to be an 'Open' swimmer then they need to ensure their ranking Times are transferred with them to the 'Open' category. Please note LASA will only have access to two files SE Male Open and SE Female for rankings.

LASA shall continue to keep you up to date related to the 2024 Leicestershire and Rutland ASA Age groups and Championship, via emails, the LASA website and its social media channels

Any questions can be addressed back to LASA Swim Manager, Mr Paul Sippitt at or Geoff Robilliard at



If you are unable to open the above links your Club have received full details


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