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LASA Age Group and
County Championships

The Leicestershire Age Groups and County Championships, organised by Leicestershire & Rutland Amateur Swimming Association (LASA), is one of the key competitions in the Leicestershire swimming calendar. The Championships are run over three weekends in January and February; dates vary depending on the British Swimming Counties Window. Club training is geared to developing swimmers in preparation for these Championships and all eligible swimmers (based on qualifying times) are encouraged to enter.

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2024 Competiton Information


The 2024 competition will take place over three weekends. The dates and venues are : 

27th & 28th January - Hinckley LC -  Licence No.2EM240050
3rd & 4th  February - Hinckley LC -  Licence No.2EM240051
10th & 11th  February - Hinckley LC - Licence No.2EM240052


There are 12 sessions, 36 Events and 108  Finals.

Entry is via your club and entries must be submitted electronically.

Closing date for entries is Midnight 22nd December 2023

Entry Fee per Events is £8 except for the 800m & 1500m.

Entry Fee for 800m & 1500m Freestyle is £11 per event.

* The downloaded Electronic Entry File is a Zip file. Un-zip the file to access the Sportsys Entry File (File updated 15/12/2022)

For schedules and information specific to each weekend please refer the the specific date in Events

Should you need to withdraw from an event please complete a Withdrawal Form and email it to  or hand in a hard copy to be received by 11:00am for the first session of the day and by 3:00pm for the second session of the day.

Refunds for a withdrawals may be claimed, subject to verification (see Conditions of Entry).  Please complete a Refund Form  and email it to by the end of the last session of that specific weekend.


A selection of commemorative Hoodies, T-Shirts and Bottle will be available for purchase online before, during and after the championships or at the Venue each weekend.


If you have any queries regarding the competion or any information on this and associated pages please contact the Promoter

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